Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Google Experimental Search

Google is always experimenting with it's own site. Yesterday saw the release of their SEO Report Card (and they're not as good as they should/could be!), and who can forget the admitting of the 41 shades of blue experiment?

Well, there are some smaller little experiments going on, as well. Head on over to Google Experimental and you can opt in to some of the experiments going on.

Google Experimental - Barcelona SEO

At the moment, for example, there are some funny experiments with quick keys on your keyboard - like using "/" key to put the cursor in the search box, for example. On my own keyboard this isn't really a shortcut at all, as I have to press shift and 7 for that to work, so it's probably just as quick to move the mouse and click. There's also a way to move up and down results and then hit the enter key to open - thus leaving the seprs page. Maybe it's me, but with the inclusion of tabs in all browsers, I always open any result in a new browser, because if I follow a few deep links in, but want to go back to the SERP page, then I don't have to hit "back" so many times, just go back to the tab. But anyway...there are still some cool little experiments you can play around with to improve your experience, and with such fantastic amounts of visitors using Google each day, they have perfect situations in which to carry out these experiments.

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