Monday, December 29, 2008

Localisation and SEO - Guest Blog Spot by Paul Symonds

One of the keys to winning traffic and site visitors is to get up to date with the ways in which you can use SEO and Localisation. There are various e-Strategy techniques and it is not always about trying to be number 1 in

Getting to number one in can be great but you might for example that you are much better off thinking in terms of ‘Localisation SEO’. Being No.1 in for example and showing in the Local Maps Listings for ‘Plymouth Wedding Cars’ if you run a wedding cars business, is better than showing in and not showing in the local listings.
Barcelona SEO - Local Business Listings
Ideally you will have a strategy for tackling all variations you need. You might need different strategies for and of for example.

If your site is aimed at a specific local area i.e. if you are a garage, a local service, then try and buy the regional domain such as a It also helps if your hosting is local to that country. This will then help you to do better in local results. Also submit your site to Google Local Business Directory.

Make sure you have an e-strategy before you buy a domain, website hosting and before you get too far into the site design. If you have a business plan you will have already picked up on many of these issues but it not, better late than never.

Paul Symonds is a Bristol SEO eStrategy expert & also offers Cardiff SEO.

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