Friday, January 2, 2009

How to keep visitors on your website - Part 4

Sometimes adding new content to your website is not something you will do on a regular basis, simply because your particular website doesn't need a lot of information. If you only sell one product then it's no use adding lots of pages about the same product in an attempt to make your site bigger, as it will have a negative effect and do nothing for the user experience.
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One of the main things you need to maintain is the voice within your website. Blogs, like this one, tend to be in a conversational manner and much less formal. With your website, although this is not a general rule of thumb, I think you should avoid the really stuffy, corporate style of writing, as this just creates distance between your company and the viewer of your website. Talk less about we and more about you (the reader of your page).

It's great to have achievements in your field of expertise, but think about relaying that to your website viewers and how they can benefit from that. There is a big difference between feature and benefit. Feature can be what sets your company apart from the competition, and Benefit is what your clients will take out of it. Try not to dwell on the features so much. Consider these two examples:

"In 1999 our company was awarded with the new enterprises small business award and we have continued to achieve renowned status in our current field."

With this:

"Allow our award winning team of professionals to guide your company to new heights and together create a worthy status within your sector."

This is the first example that popped into my head, but you get the idea.
You could always * the award, and leave details at the bottom if you so wish, with a link to details of the prize, etc. which is being concise but not showing off.
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The most important thing about your web copy is to be consistent. If you are going to be adding pages when you really do have something to say about the benefits a user can gain from recruiting your company services or buying something from you, then don't change style to a stuffy, corporate style, or don't become too friendly or casual - unless that's what you've based the rest of your website around. It's of vital importance to remember that your content should be natural, and read for the end user, not the search engines.

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