Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vertical Search for 2009 - 17 reasons why you need to re-think your SEO strategy

2009 is going to see a change in SEO with regards Vertical Search. The last quarter of 2008 saw Google introduce some new tools, such as Custom search, Google Wiki and improved Universal search.

Vertical search basically means looking at a slice of a pie. Don't think I'm going mad, it's just the best analogy I can come up with.

Barcelona SEO - Vertical Search slice of pie

Up to now, all SERPS provide a list of websites when any search term is introduced. This is basically a long list of similar sites, one after another, in a horizontal format. Nowadays, however, any search string could throw up results ranging from books to videos, blogs to images, news stories to Twitter well as your normal website list. This is what's been dubbed as a vertical search, as it's like a slice through the search term and aims to offer as broad a spectrum of results as is possible, therefore giving a perfect user experience (one of the main goals of a search engine).

Never before has it been more important for a business to gain exposure across the whole stream of the Internet. Simple optimisation of your website is no longer the key to a successful online business. You need to be sure to cover as many bases as you can, so that your company can appear in as many of those results the search engines could throw (it's alleged that there are 17 different parameters to a vertical search).

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