Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pay Per Click Panic?

Most people are familiar with the idea of Pay Per Click advertising, at least to an extent. Maybe you have never personally tried it, but at least people understand the concept behind it. Within the results of a Search Engine's Page Results appear paid or "sponsored" results, usually at the top and on the right hand side, and often with a background colour to distinguish between the "organic" or real results.
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There is a certain percentage of internet users (admittedly a small percentage) that have no idea that these results are paid for, and often click on these results first, simply as they are the ones at the top.

Every small busniess should consider a Pay Per Click campaign, as it has the ability to drive traffic directly to your website, and promotes branding, as well as saving time in having to wait for "organic" results in the SERPs.

However, a recent survey by Microsoft seen here shows that 59% of small businesses have never even contemplated the thought of a PPC campaign, and of those 70% said they would rather file their own tax returns (surely a thankless task) than try a PPC campaign.
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I suppose the idea of embarking on a PPC campaign may be daunting, and must have a certain stigma attached to it, which slams the breaks on flipping into this potential gold mine of advertising. Make no mistake about it, a well crafted PPC campaign can bring quality traffic to your site. You are targetting clients within your field and at the right moment - when else can that be said about other forms of traditional advertising? Sure, you can go for classifieds, year-long magazine or editorial ads, but these have the disadvantage of being written at the beginning of a campaign, and cannot be changed.

A PPC campaign can be (and more often than not needs to be) tweaked, preened and honed into your specific market niche or sector. At Barcelona SEO we can help you to set up and monitor such a campaign,and we also offer Pay Per Click Training in Barcelona if you want to do things right and have more control for yourselves.

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