Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids to Design new Google Logo

Ok, well, the post title is a little misleading, but those community-loving-über-millionaires at Google have got the kids at heart really. Hmmm....
Doodle Google  - Barcelona SEO
Whilst searching today, I came accross this link which is open to US kids as a competition offering scholarships to college, etc. The idea is to re-design the google logo - kid of - and then you get to feature on the site for a day, or something like that anyway.

You may have noticed that Google sometimes changes the logo on holidays (Saint Patrick's Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.) so this is a cool way of getting some free material from kids!

No, I'm not really being critical, and it's a great move by Google (even if they do feel the need to put cheesy videos to accompany the information!), and encouraging kids into further education is a must. I'm just a little pissed off with them today, as I had a 50 Euros Adwords voucher deemed "out of date" with no explanation. Grrrr...

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