Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google Image Search as a Dictionary

OK, so maybe this is a little off-topic, and hardly an SEO technique, but it is a blog by an Englishman who lives in Barcelona, and I found it quite funny so thought I'd share it (few light hearted posts now and again won't hurt, right?).
Barcelona SEO  - Calçots
Pete Lidwell at Google Zurich posted an amusing post about his limited German getting in the way of conversations, and that he found google images like an online image dictionary (even quicker than a real dictionary, cos you don't even have to read the text!). Ovbiously this has it's limitations, and can probably only be used for physical nouns, but imagine the situation - you're in a restaurant on holiday in Barcelona, and have your handy pocket translator - be it electronic or pages of a book - and come accross the chef's reccomendation in Catalan like calçots, and have no idea what it is. Well, just get on your internet phone and log onto google images and there you go! Problem solved!

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