Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google's Wonder Wheel

I can't help but make the bad joke "No, it's not a poor take on the well known Oasis song" - sorry.

Google announced the Wonder wheel this week, which is an easy way to view similar search strings to that which you're already looking for. This is clearly a benefit for the end user, who might not realise different ways of searching for topics, news and other queries on the search engines. SEOs are wise to the fact and can employ keyword tool analysis and advanced features in the SERPs, but for the everyday user, this might be something that catches on.

SEO query on Google's Wonder Wheel - Barcelona SEO

I've mentioned before about real-time search coming from social media and this is Google's way of telling everyone that they're on the ball, too. The left hand column lets you choose different date ranges from "recent" (just how recent that is remains to be seen), to past 24 hours, to past week and finally to past year.

I wonder how long it'll take for the spammers to try and game the system?!

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