Saturday, May 9, 2009

Google Tries Yahoo! Answers

Google has recently introduced Google Friends Connect gadgets, one of which is designed by Barry Welch and is called a Get Answers Gadget which seems remarkably like Yahoo answers, but on a smaller scale.

Google Get Answers - Barcelona SEO Blog

Apparently, you can

* View questions/answers from the community
* Ask questions
* Answer questions
* Vote up answers
* Highest vote-getting answers are labeled "Best Answer"
* Sort answers by popularity/date
* View questions you've asked
* Comment moderation

Ground breaking stuff, eh?

The huge difference of course is that this is a gadget/widget that you install on your website, rather than an external page to visit (like Yahoo! answers). This is all fantastic information for Google to have access to through your own site, and I'm not exactly sure how well it would work - I haven't come across a site with it yet. What about you guys? Any input?

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