Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Keep Visitors on Your Website - Part 5

As I've mentioned before, it's becoming increasingly important for you to make sure that any visitors to your website stay on your page for long enough to get to your call to actions, and see your website's message. Previous posts have details on certain techniques such as custom 404 pages, freephone telephone numbers, and your website or company "voice", but there are also a certain number of things on websites that can be an instant turn off.
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Things like "empty cart" or "clear form" are things that always puzzle me. Why on earth would you have a "clear form" button on any kind of contact form? People know who they are and why they're completing a form, and even if they did make a small mistake with something it's easier to edit one particular field, rather than clear the whole form and start again.

Again, if you've been on a shopping site, and been collecting things in a basket, then why would you suddenly want to empty that? Surely the basket has things you have intentionally clicked on, perhaps through visiting various pages on a site, and might not necessarily be that easy to find again. I'm also puzzled when people add these buttons so close to the Call to Action buttons - like "Proceed to Checkout" "Buy Now" or "Send". Are you using any of these signals on your website? You may well be sending your clients away without knowing.

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