Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Tube Insights - Video Analysis

An often overlooked medium in today's search world is video. The rise of Vertical Search means the it's ever more likely for your SERPs to throw up a youtube video along with the local results, paid results and normal organic listings. That Google is the owner of youtube means that youtube is probably the main one to focus on from an SEO point of view, although such sites as vimeo, aol video, metacafe, etc. are all good exposure for your business and increase branding.
Youtube Insights - Barcelona SEO
This is all great, but what about analysing the videos? How can you see if the videos are working? or if you need to target a particular region/sex/age group, etc. ? Well, youtube has Youtube Insights which helps along the way with your analysis.
Youtube demographic analysis - Barcelona SEO
This is great for tracking exactly where your visitors are coming from, and who is viewing your videos. The analysis can give excellent information as to sex and age groups, geographical location and of course how the viewer found your video (search, embedded video, etc. Whilst the information could be a lot better (maybe hotspots within videos, how much of the video has been viewed, click out or pause/stop, etc.) it's still a great tool to have for free from YouTube.

Youtube source - Barcelona SEO

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