Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bing Offers SEO Guidelines

After Google's introduction to SEO earlier this year, Bing has now released it's SEO guidelines, in an attempt to encourage users to keep best practices and adhere to their guidelines with regards clear and white hat SEO.

Bing - Barcelona SEO blog

There's nothing new here, and it's clear that Microsoft want to instill in webmasters the need for clear page content, optimised Title and meta tags, in order to be in line with those doing the same - they state that they can't produce via their algorithm clear captions (or snippets as Google likes to call them) in the SERPs - a funky little feature in Bing.

there's a handy url to be able to ping Bing's bot and update your site map immediately, although if your site structure is correct, there should be no need.

Bing even goes as far as touting their competition, stating that

"Moreover, investments in solid, reputable SEO work made for Bing will bring similar improvements in your website’s page rank in Google and Yahoo! as well."

Either way, if you've read Google's introduction to SEO, Bing's is worthwhile reading, too. Comments welcome as always guys, and I'd love to know what you think.

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