Friday, October 24, 2008

Has Google Killed the Yellow Pages ?

Has Google done away with the Yellow Pages? or is it just the internet? I don't know about you, but the last few copies of the Yellow Pages that have landed on my doormat Barcelona SEO Yellow Pageshave never left the plastic covering until the following one arrived the year after. Google's current market share power with it's Universal Search ( which this week received a US Patent ) has proven that you can find things much quicker and with more possible options than sifting through the Yellow Pages. Images, blogs, videos, books, websites, etc. is a lot more that the current Yellow Pages can offer. Big companies in the current climate need to have an experienced SEO to keep up - easy for big companies, but with Yellow Pages it was just as easy to place a big ad.

Times are changing, and maybe there is too much focus on the web? I have said this on many occasion but there is a common misconception of Google as being the definitive guide, and providing the best results. This is untrue, and simply means that certain sectors have either got lucky with their SEO, or have paid big bucks.
I'll give you an example, although there are hundreds. If you type
car tyres into Google, you may be surprised to read that there is no big car tyre company (Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, etc.) in the top 5. In fact, number 9 is Michelin. So big brands probably rely on branding and repeat clients rather than the internet, one would imagine. Compare that to the Yellow Pages a couple of years ago, and you could pretty much guarantee that all of the above companies would have a full page ad in each edition.

If I were an advertiser, looking to invest in my company's exposure, I would certainly think twice about placing a big ad in the Yellow Pages nowadays. I think money is much better spent on a good SEO campaign and maintaining that. Your thoughts and comments are welcome as always.

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