Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google Chrome

Google Chrome
I have had this post as a draft for a while, and had not posted so far, as I wanted to give a fairly thorough viewpoint as to Google's new web browser Chrome. The reason for publishing now? Well, I've just also downloaded Mozilla's Minefield, and it has left behind a few of the coments I had already drafted with regards Google Chrome!

If Apple have gained the technophobes confidence with their ease of scrolling through archives and images (imitated but not beaten by HTC Diamond) - one of the main suppliers for Google's Android phone) then Google have gained the average web-browsers confidence with Chrome. Your home page is converted into smaller screenshots of sites most recently visited, leaving navigation of your favourite sites, literally at rhe click of the mouse. On the downside (and from an SEO point of view), there is no google bar - what?! (or at least at the time of writing), and that is something that with IE or Firefox, some of us have got used to too much. Hence, to not have the toolbar takes a bit of the shine off it.
Mozilla Minefield
The main thing that Mozilla's new Minefield is competing with is speeed, and boy is it fast! Maybe if you download and use for a day you would not see the comparisons, but use it for a week or so, and the differences in speed of losding pages becomes apparent. Hey, we're only talking about seconds or even miliseconds, but if this is the Beta Version, then yet again Mozilla are moving in the right direction.

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