Saturday, October 4, 2008

Using Video in SEO to Promote Your Brand.

Perhaps the most popular video website on the internet is YouTube, where you really can find almost anything on video. The great thing is that google controls YouTube's search function, which means that when you use a normal google search, sometimes videos can appear from youtube as part of the natural "organic" search results.

There are also many other video submission websites (Veoh, for example, but I have many more) which you can submit your videos to. This is a free way of advertising your product, and also a great way of branding your website or product.

The videos themselves don't need to be professionally made, and in fact, sometimes still images work better if done correctly. Here is an example of how something can work on YouTube:

I offer video creation, submission and optimisation as part of SEO packages. I think that all companies should make promotional videos for their websites, and that it's an investment that could provide many visits to your site, and something that will only increase in popularity. Please view details at my Barcelona SEO site.

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